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Debbie Rae Does … Nui Blau Beach

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

A white sandy stretch for hippies, yachties and locals alike, with a striking amount of swings and the best sangria in Ibiza (courtesy of Soul Good Bar).

This is one of Ibiza’s hidden gems, a small cove nestled between Santa Eulalia and Es Cana, 100m long by 12m wide. To reach it, you must run the usual gauntlet of single-width winding roads with nowhere to cross paths should you be unlucky enough to encounter another vehicle. Once at the bottom, providing your car has survived, there’s plenty of free parking, but be careful you don’t venture into one of the restaurant’s car parks by accident.

We visited with six friends and four children, at around 11 a.m. There was no problem finding a spot on the sand for us all, although, Should you want loungers there are plenty available for a daily fee, as well as some comfortable and clean day beds. Opposed to many of the beaches of Ibiza Nui Blau is blissfully quiet. Gone are the bustling hordes, cicades and speed boats, even the beach sellers touting their sarongs and knock off sunglasses are minimal. Many of our fellow sunseekers were local which gave me confidence that we had chosen a good spot.

Nui Blau Beach has a relaxed old school Ibiza vibe. Here you will find glossy, beaming white restaurants with menus carrying eye-watering price tags, cosying up happily to the hippy beauty of the hillside bars playing music to send you into a simpering slumber beneath the pines while the sun dances overhead.

The warm, crystal clear, still water is lined by a thin strip of shingle resting upon the white sands. The still sea is perfect for children nearer the shore, while further out, jet skis and sailing boats lace the horizon. The waters feel incredibly safe and I didn't see any rubbish.

Pine trees are a prominent feature here, and, for me the appealing shade offered from these beautiful old natives far outweighs the inconvenience of the occasional spikey needle in my butt. Should you take a walk up the hills on either side of this bay you will find these twisted trees line your path around the headland. This pretty coastal path offers excellent walking, running and cycling opportunities, as well as rest bite from the sun.

I walked for at least a kilometre in each direction of the beach and did not find one shop to buy a lilo, buckets and spades or suntan lotion, which could be seen as a good thing. The absence of tacky tourist tatt shops only adds to the beauty of the area, however, come to this spot well prepared or your little ones will be bored pretty quickly.

We tried out two of the most popular restaurants here. Soul Good Bar and Pura Vida. Neither were exactly child friendly but the staff certainly were. Nowhere on this beach offers a children's menu so be prepared to force-feed your under10's squid ink pasta or something of the ilk. However, the homemade fruit lollies and mixer drinks were a huge hit with my little ones in Soul Good and the lovely owner Uri was only too happy to whip up a vegan friendly version of his Thai salad for my friend.

Soul Good is a bar overlooking the bay from the hilltop, with a couple of large day beds, handmade furniture and luridly painted signs, boasting peace signs and flowers. This is a bar for those seeking smiles and the warmest of welcomes along with a simple but tasty sandwich and tapas selection. The vibe is relaxed, where everyone is made to feel like a local.

In contrast, Pura Vida is a fresh, gleaming white, immaculate restaurant, frequented more by the people coming in from the yachts in the bay than the average family on a day trip. The atmosphere is chic and sophisticated with a playful twist. There are swings for chairs at the bar and we were treated to a fashion show while we ate from the small European menu. The beautiful models, showcasing the exquisite clothes from the adjoining shop.

This is a gorgeous beach for a quiet sunset date or day spent indulging in the luxuries of life.

Kids: 7/10 - The lack of food for kids makes this a tricky day out if you're not armed with a picnic.

Beauty: 8/10 - call me picky but I like my sand a little more powdered and free from pine needles.

Food: 7/10 - Very limited offerings but tasty too.

Water: 8/10 - Clear, clean and safe to swim but the shingle and seaweed might bother some.

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