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Debbie Rae Does...Santa Eularia

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Santa Eularia is the 3rd largest town in Ibiza, a bustling urbanised spot that boasts a stunning seaside location with architectural sophistication and beauty on par with its natural assets. It offers a family-friendly atmosphere, suitable for family days out and affordable dinners by the bucket and spade shops to romantic strolls for couples by the new opulent Port Esportiu marina, where you can take your pick from the bevvy of fine dining restaurants.

Take a walk here, and you will find your way lined with bursting palm trees, your path paved with cobbles and views a treat of coastal beauty which flows and shifts from modern to ancient and rural.

One of the few rivers in Ibiza flows through Santa Eularia. I took a walk down this river with my kids (6 and 4), and they had no trouble with the terrain or distance. We all hugely enjoyed the varied wildlife which greeted us. Over just a short distance, we were able to watch chickens roaming freely (on surprisingly friendly terms with the local cats), paddling ducks, the waters pulsing with shoals of fish, and some beautiful goats in a large paddock, which we were able to feed.

There is a minimalist, pretty bridge that takes you across to the Siesta side of the river. If you are taking this walk with a loved one, take a padlock with you. Write your names upon the lock and attach it to the railings. The bridge serves as a monument to express the permanence of your relationship. It’s a romantic spot that serves its purpose well.

You don’t have to look far to see birds and butterflies flitting around the explosions of flowers and Eucalyptus trees that border the clean, easy path. If the heat leaves you hankering for rest, there are plenty of benches offering rest-bites to enjoy the ambience of this unique walkway.

It’s an easy walk to continue to Pont Vell, which takes you from old to new, with speed and seamlessness synonymous with Ibiza. Not far from the modern bridge, you will be treated to the sight of some traditional, ancient Fincas, in keeping with the ageing nature of this section of the walk, followed by an old Roman bridge. From here, you can see a lovely waterfall before making your way up the hill to admire the church of Santa Eularia, over 1000 years old and still standing strong. This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. The church and its sparse ancient Fincas are overrun with glorious flowers in hues of purple and pink; even the stone walkways are stunning.

There is a small graveyard and crypt, which is lovingly maintained and intriguing. If you travel to this spot, I’m sure you will find it a calming experience, as I did. The views of Santa Eularia are breathtaking, the scented flowers intoxicating. It’s a place the resting are privileged to hold.

I found the church itself a little bleak. I certainly wasn’t expecting to be met with a horribly lifelike statue of Jesus in a glass coffin as I walking in, and nor was my daughter. The artwork and religious icons have a gothic feeling, which isn’t for me. However, this juxtaposition to the open-air pews for worship and traditional fresh Ibizan white stone walls is fascinating.

Of all the places I have visited in Ibiza, Santa Eularia is the place I have most enjoyed with my family. There is something for everyone; whether you’re searching for a pedalo, culture, romance or beach volleyball, it’s all here for the taking.

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